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I now have an entry on the Directory of Illustration!

November 26th, 2010 (10:43 am)

I'll add more work as I get some more free time on my hands. Anyone have any favorites of my work that they think I should put up? I'll probably put up at least five of my Cattisms. For a link:

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B-day Party!

November 22nd, 2010 (12:53 pm)

Read more...Collapse ) Still trying to get posterous to auto lj-cut. Having no luck. :(

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(no subject)

March 13th, 2010 (12:39 pm)

Anyone else getting trojan virus alerts when they surf livejournal? I keep getting an alert that Avast has blocked a virus called JS:Illredir-AG. Can't find any information about whether or not it's just me or if other people are getting it too.

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SO MUCH WIN [Persona 4 stuffage]

August 5th, 2009 (03:21 pm)

EPIC. Though it won't be funny unless you've played the game (and got the best ending).

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April 16th, 2009 (06:31 pm)

Challenge my brute. FOR GREAT JUSTICE.

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March 8th, 2009 (07:43 pm)

Because it pretty much is Persona 4 in a nutshell. :|
I wish I had made it, but the credit goes to oath.

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March 2nd, 2009 (01:39 pm)

God, it actually managed to guess what character I was thinking of many times. :O

Edit: God, it guessed Boogiepop, nearly got Argilla, nearly got Nagi, got Rise- it also got all of the characters my friends play too. D:

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February 26th, 2009 (12:13 am)

Hey, I need to draw on the power of livejournal for Post-Bach final project I'm working on. I'm making this entry public, so any person can dive on in with help. What do I need? Well, let me say it in bold letters!

If any of you have stupid cat stories or stories of friends' cats doing something quirky, weird, or just plain stupid, TELL ME.

I'm doing a series of 32ish spot illustrations with some text; you don't need to supply descriptions of said cat or name (in fact it'd probably be better if I make that up in case we run into similar looking cats or names); I just need stories! The text I'll be making up shall pertain to why the cat thinks this is a good idea; as of right now, I'm framing the thinking in terms of economics and the environment.

Examples that I have already collected (from personal experience with my own cats) include: Cleo licking plastic bags, Neko stuffing herself into the cat food bin with her legs sticking out, Cleo bapping sleeping people on the nose, etc.

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Oh, and watercolor geekage.

January 27th, 2008 (05:01 pm)

I've been getting back into watercolor and discovering my love of it (due to my inability to not be anal about things I do on the computer). My previous art teacher got me hooked on these watercolors, and, while a bit expensive, they are *so* worth every penny. And the tubes they come in are about twice the size of the kind you'd usually find, so you get a lot for your money.

Aside from your usual colors, they have a lot made from different sorts of materials, some making nice granulation effects, change color depending on how the light hits them, and so on. They're *very* fun.

However, the nice thing about them is their triad deals, which pair three colors in a theme together for a deal. They keep changing around and getting sold out, so it's a good way to splurge on some colors you may have not bothered with otherwise.

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I need to look at my DA watchlist more.

December 8th, 2007 (05:37 pm)

Seriously. *This is genius.


* I'm not being ironic, nor does it have to do with violence. Those with a low tolerance for asshat will be safe.

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